Marco Mello is a rapper and producer based in Berlin, whose style of rap fuses golden-era inspired beats with contemporary themes. In the mid-1990’s Mello’s family moved from Germany to the US (Detroit, MI) where he first came into contact with rap music. The storytelling and jazz-infused vibes of A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Nas and Biggie captivated Mello’s imagination as a pre-teen. 25 years later classic hip hop (also known as “boom bap”), remains the one genre he consistently revisits.

Back to Boom Bap — Mello’s debut album — is as much a tribute to rap’s golden age, as it is a modern reinterpretation. Lyrical references are sprinkled throughout the album and pay homage to the genre’s greats. The production features chopped samples and heavy low-ends reminiscent of beats by DJ Premier, Pete Rock and J Dilla. Thematically the album is firmly placed in the here and now, addressing contemporary issues faced by Mello’s generation: fear of commitment, burnout, toxic masculinity and Trumpian politics.

As rap albums go, Back to Boom Bap is unusually sincere. Rather than hiding behind a tough-guy image, Mello embraces his status as a “misfit” unapologetically. He expresses his disdain for machismo (“New League of Gentlemen”), pokes fun at his own lack of tattoos (“Uninked”) and opens up about his fear of commitment (“4evava”). Mello is supported by a cast of talented young musicians from Berlin’s jazz scene and German hip hop legend DJ Stylewarz.

Marco Mello
Marco Mello
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Marco Mello

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